Can I have too much light?


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I am considering adding some new coral to my tank. Particularly Euphyllia (frogspawn or hammer), fungia (plate coral) and an open brain (trachyphyllia). A montipora digitata too.

I have read that all these corals tend to do well in lower light conditions, which is good since I have only a 96 W Coralife PC fixture.

However, I have an opportunity to buy a 150W Metal Halide fixture over the weekend. Should I do it? Will having much more light be bad for these corals? I'd hate to buy this fixture and then realize that I wasted the money.

Thanks for your help.

David Grigor

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150w should be fine and a definate improvement over PCs. It will likely create more heat than your PCs so make sure the tank temps don't get too high. Most times it is manageable but keep an eye on it.

For some LPS types there is such a thing as too much light IMO but 150W is not in that category.....

Do you mind sharing what brand of fixture? What I'm mainly getting at is to make sure your not getting some of the cheap China made fixtures that are poor quality.....


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I have an opportunity to purchase a used Coralife Aqualight Advanced 150 W hang-on-tank light fixture with a new 14k Phoenix DE bulb.