Too much light?

Navy Medic

New member
Howdy all, I am converting my mixed reef to a nem and clown tank and was wondering if I have too much lighting. Currently using 2 Radion III and a Radion IV (sits in the middle) this is mounted with 4 36" ATI tube lights. Its been a good while for me so still trying to remember much of my tank setup. These lights are above the tank about 12-14" . the tank is 120g.
You may need to acclimate them to the lights but shouldn’t have any issue. My experience is most anemones love light
I don’t know much about LEDs to be honest as I’m still running MH. But, a bajillion years ago I was successful keeping a blue carpet and BTAs in an Oceanic 200 with (3) 250w 6500k Iwasakis and (2) 400w 20k Radiums.