Can someone explain this to me?


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it says it will not break siphon in a power outage and claims no more flooded floors...wouldn't you want it to stop siphoning water so it does not floow your sump?

What am I missing here, I feel really stupid asking this but I am confused.

Does it just hold suction and stop taking water in once the water line gets below the line of the overflow box (so water stops going into it)...


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It will stop siphoning water, but it will not break the siphon.

It sucks as much water as it needs, which is based on how much water is being returned from the sump. So when the power goes out and the return pump goes off, it keeps taking water until it goes to the bottom of the teeth when it can no longer take any more water.

However, when the power goes back on, the return pump starts up and fills the display. Once the display starts getting more water, the overflow box will be able to take water.

If the siphon broke, then the overflow box would stop working because of the U-tube got filled with air. If the U-tube remains with water, it will work even if the pump starts and stops.


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the overflow can only siphon out of the display until the siphon breaks. you are supposed to leave enough room in the sump to handle this volume in the event of an outage. i hope this makes sense. now as far as the overflow losing siphon and overflowing the display from the sump volume, that's another story. no external overflow is 100%.



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ok that all makes, thanks I feel really dumb, cause it is so simple. and I figured it out before I checked this..but good to know.