can water go bad?


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Can the water and sand in my tank go bad if i dont add live rocks soon ?

The filtration system is working but i dont have any rocks yet... i might have to wait till monday to order some.
No, it's salwater, yes?

You can actually get your cycle started without the LR by throwing in a raw shrimp or some fish food.
I would remove the shrimp before adding the live rock, and I'd dump the water. There's no need for dead shrimp with live rock, and the ammonia produced can kill organisms on the rock.
I wouldn't worry about dumping the water... just take the dead shrimp out, it's not really needed.

Do you have circulation in the tank... that is pretty critical. With water movement, the water can't go bad if the tank is empty. take as long as you want to get the live rock and then just add it