Canister Filter Polishing


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Considering buying a canister filter. It would be used to periodically polish the water to remove particulate matter that doesn't get picked up by existing filtration. I'd fill it with coarse and low micron filter pads.

My thinking is that during weekly water changes I could throw this thing on directly in my display for an hour and it would help me keep consistently crystal clear water without having to way filter socks every 3days. Would this work?

Thing I don't know is if the canister media can be used for an hour at a time then left dry in a closet for a week and repeated. I could replace filter media every month or so or whenever it gets really dirty.

Any thoughts are appreciated!


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i tried this once, i found the routine to be more tedious than using filter socks. Canister filters tend to get dirty fast, plus it's extra energy consumption for something that a filter sock can do for free.


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Would this work?
No, I don't think it's going to work out the way that you plan. You will have to run it much longer then an hour for it to be effective at polishing the water and you're not going to want to reuse it after a week without cleaning it first.


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hmm... ok thanks for the input.

i have a 29g biocube so not a lot of water volume and i planned to get a high gph eheim -- maybe 160gph or so. does that change your opinion on how long i would have to use it to be effective?

also why would i need to clean it after each use? wouldnt the filter media still be useful and since it will have dried out between uses? not being connected to the tank, i'm not sure how the nitrate farm issue would play out. thanks.


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Any particles that the filter picks up, specifically bits of food, fish waste, pods, etc will rot while it's sitting idle for a week. Not sure if I'd want to run water from the tank through that and back into the tank without a good cleaning first.