Change Sandbed???


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I was wanting to get some advice on sandbeds. I have a 4" deep sandbed that has been the same for 9 years. I have been having diatoms/cyano or something that has been growing on it lately. I use new RO/DI water. Anyways, just wondering if the sandbed goes bad over time or anything? Doesn anyone change out their sandbeds? Any advice or opinions would be great! Thanks!


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Personally I would say no. As I understand it, dentrification occurs when a sand bed settles and this is good. Deeper sand beds alow more of that to happen. As far as I have read on this the only time your sand bed becomes an enemy is when you disturb a large section of it at once. Doing that releases DOC (dead organic compounds), detritus, and so on that releases to much toxins and effectively nukes your tank by rising the ammonia levels beyond what you can naturally oxidize.

That's all I know of it