chemical filtration utilizing up-flow principle


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I was planning to use an extra Magnum 350 in conjunction with a PhosBan Reactor 150. I want to put a phosphate remover in the phosban reactor but I'm unsure what brand to use. I want the 350 to pump from my sump with the phosban reactor on the return side. I can control the flow rate with a ball valve on the intake side of the reactor. SOOO... the question is what are the pros and cons of this set up and what should I put in the media basket of the 350? How about De-Nitrate for the 350?
For the reactor I was thinking about the following medias.

Seachem Renew/ Phosguard
Kent Phosphate Sponge

Let me know what you think! :strooper:


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I'd just use a GFO like PhosBan (not PhosGuard) and carbon. I don't know how big the 350 is, so I can't help too much with placement. :)


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That's way overkill. You only need about 150 grams of GFO media maximum and you want a low flow in the 30-60 gallons per hour range so it does not grind itself to dust. A Magnum 350 has a media basket way larger than that and even if you mix it with carbon and pack it tightly you will not have sufficient contact time to be worthwhile. Cutting the 350 flow back to a trickle is a waste and could possibly damage the motor since it is external and fan cooled.