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I don't run any carbon or phosphate remover, but know that alot of people do...I friend of mine really likes to use chemipure. How many out there use this product and what benefits do you see to using it? If I decide to use it, can I just hang the bag in a high flow area of my 100 stock tank sump???



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Chemipure is fine... I have not used it in ions though... Expensive for carbon though.



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There are at least 3 products out there that purport to have similar effects, Bio Chem Zorb, Chemi Pure, and Purigen. The first two are mixtures of carbon and ion exchange resins. They basically take dissolved organics out of the water, preventing them from being converted into nitrate and thereby keeping nitrate levels down.

You can see a video of Bio Chem Zorb in action here:

Purigen does the same thing, in theory, but through different mechanisms - and I am not well versed enough in chemistry to explain the differences to you.

Chemi Pure Elite adds ferric oxide to the mix in order to remove phosphates from the water. If you're not running a separate phosphate reactor, I would suggest Chemi Pure Elite.

I can't tell you which one is better than the others - it would certain be interesting to have some controlled tests in this area.

In theory, all should be superior to carbon alone.


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Purigen gets my vote as #1, mainly due to the fact it can be regenerated with a bleach and RO/DI bath & then rinsed extreemly well with tap water and resused.
Chemi Pure, you have to trash. used it, didnt care for it, compred to Purigen, IMO, its not as effective in removing impurities either.
Bio Chem Zorb, i have never used, dont have an opinion on that product...


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I used Purigen and it polishes water like no other. I dont know if it actualliuy lower nitrate/po4 but my water is crystal clear within 24 hrs


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reefnetworth has a good point about Purigen. You can regenerate it some number of times (I think it's like 7 or 8) by soaking for 24 hours in a 1:1 solution of bleach and water.

That might make it more cost-effective.


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Yes, you can run them all just by placing them in your sump. Chemi Pure and Bio Chem Zorb both come in their own media bags. The same is true for Purigen in smaller quantities. If you go with a larger quantity of Purigen, you'll have to buy a media bag - be careful here because Purigen is very tiny.

However, it is generally believed that all three aforementioned chemical media are more effective if water is passed through the media either in a media reactor or a canister filter.