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Im in the process of ordering some rodi filters and was wondering if anyone knew if we had chloramines in Bradenton (Lakewood Ranch). If so I have to buy an attachment for the rodi.

I will be selling my clear 10 in filter housing with fittings and 3 di cartridges
Yes you have chloramines ..The way it was told to me is ..chlorine is easy to remove
from the water it wants to jump out...the amonia forms a stronger bond and you have to add a double carbon before your regular ro /di set up to help break the bond
Yes I forgot to mention ..the double carbon filter I set up before my ro is catalytic
carbon.... In the 10 in housing I am selling you cold also make that a carbon
What ever system you use ..just plan on adding more catalytic carbon before


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i called Manatee county utilities and we do have chloramines. They stated they are treated year round but levels are highest in the winter because it stays around longer.

Multi striped- thanks for the offer but I have an ro unit already I just need the additional catalytic carbon canister to filter out the chloramine.
Hi drives
I did the same checking over a yr ago that is why I said you have them.
I don't think the catayltic carbon removes the amonia it just helps break the bond
and your ro will remove them.. That leads to the ? does your RO membrane remove them without the catayltic carbon? I think so...but your membrane works harder??
IMO I think more catalytic is better..I run two 10 in. housings before my pre filter
Now I just use mine for drinking water I also have a 20 in.housing filtering all my water before it comes in the house
I am no longer using the DI housing (clear 10 in) that is what I am selling with the John guest
fittings..I also have 3 DI cartridges I think they are refillable

good luck with your set up