choice between 2 unusual tanks


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i have been searching for a new tank and i found some one with 2 awesome tanks for sale the choices are
8feetX2ft.X1foot tall for 200$or (2) 3ft.X3ftX1ft. 60$each

first question if i bout both the 3X3 tanks could i take off 2 sides and the bond them together??? this would be the ideal option for me

i would love the length of the 8 foot one but it would be chalenging to get home (picking up 4 hours away)

i also like the idea of a cubeish lagoon look

i will be doing sps up high with nice zoos and maybe a few lps
which option would you pick and why im really cought between them:D


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I wouldn't try bonding two tanks together. There's almost no way that's going to work. The water in the two 3 X 3 tanks would weigh 1123 pounds. It would take more than super glue to hold back that much weight for any length of time.

I'd get the bigger tank or both of the smaller tanks and keep them seperate or, get all three, even better!


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I personally would get them all and decide what to do with them later if they're in good shape :)

I don't think making 2 tanks from one is a very good idea, lots of issues there.

On the 8' tank - 1' deep isn't very deep at all, and will affect nearly everything from your lighting selection to how often you may have to prune corals. If you plan to have fish I think the reduction in elevation may be a bit weird there too.

If you are looking to set up a new tank it could be that neither of these choices are very good. They are great deals, but it's because of the odd sizing most likely.

But, like I said, I would buy them all and then figure it out. Maybe buy and resell in worst case.


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the 8ft tank would be an awesome frag/prop tankand the other 2 could be your displays. I wouldn't bond them, just have 2 next to each other, you can use the same light this way. I would use one for SPS/ LPS and the other for soft. Then prune them, put them in the 8 footer and trade them!! This is just my .02 though :)


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your probably better off just getting a 125gal 6' tank from your LFS. by the time you pay for gas + $200 for the 8' tank you could have a new RR tank with a warranty.

Also I wouldn't even try to bond the 3' tanks together. I'd still get them for a sump & QT tank though.


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Maybe there some way you could plumb the 2 3x3 cubes together and create some sort of tidal pool, surging tanks. That be cool, of course, I have no idea how you'd do somethin like that, but...

If not, I think the 8'x2'x1' would be the way to go. Open top, with hanging pendents to maximize top down viewing would be the way to go IMO.


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yeah i def. agree they are some wierd sizes but i like the demensions i love shallow tanks they have that lagoon look especially if i set the stands low i really want to go for the bigger one but
what is the diffence if i cut out the sides and bonded them with the acrylic bonder like i was just making a new tank?? im not sure how this is different? and advice would be awesoem:D


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it would bow and snap. When you have a joint it is much stronger. Plus you would have an ugly seam right down the middle. I would do 8 ft DT with frag tank and sump.


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I would make the big tank a top view tank (i.e., build a low stand) and put the other 2 as sumps. They could hold a lot of live rock, and a wide low skimmer.


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What and Awesome CLAM tank! You could have a whole biotope of clams that are spitting water all over the place! I agree, the 3x3's would be great sumps.


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What about a unique setup with the two 3X3s plumbed together and set like two dimond shapes side by side. I can think of some very different looks for this.


build a custom table, one of a kind


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do the 3x3's have overflows? I would use the big tank as a large aggressive FOWLR sump and the 2 3x3's as reef display tanks :D


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i love these i deas i may just have to get all 3 i was thinking they and would be awesome clam tanks becouse theree shallow i do plan on making all stands pretty low so there can be alot of top veiwing but i also would like to have side viewing as well
for the large 8x2 i want do do a sps with lps and zoo reef with lots of leges and over hangs for clams with a shallow as possible sand bed just for asthetics only

for one of the cubes i was thinking possible a pipefish type reef with seagrass beds and a few softies then i will prob use the other a a fuge for one of the tanks
does this sound good

i love the idea of seeting the cubes up next to eachother in diamond shapes :D