Clam closes up (at feeding)

Znut Reefer

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Hi everyone just want to know if this was normal. I have a 10' Derasa, and a couple Maxs. I've noticed that every time I feed them (dts and golden pearls mixed) the big Derasa closes up for a few minutes. Then opens back up. Is this the way they feed? The rest do not close up. thanks
Clams are very particular in the size of the food they accept. Too large and it can clog their gills, sometimes with disasterous results. Phytoplankton and smaller sized foods are ideal. Check the articles at the top of this forum for more information.

That said, are you spot feeding the clams, or simply adding food to the tank in a high flow area?
Hi thanks for the reply. I just pour it into the tank in a high flow area. I have been using the DT's with the smallest sizes of Golden Pearls mixed in the DTs. I thought thats what everyone said they fed their clams and corals. Should I feed only the DTs?

I had the same problem, everytime i woudl geed DT's the clam would close..( i was over feeding) the calm didnt like this so i cut my feedings into half and have been ok ever since and my clams have opened more and colored up

How often are you feeding?

It is better to feed small amount more often than large amount less often. I have a 8" derasa that when I was feeding every few day he would try to consume a lot because I could see him react to the Dt's just after I put it in the tank, then he would act like he was choking or was burping. So started feeding smaller amount of DT's daily as haven't seen him do that anymore. Just a thought.

Thanks for the replies. I'm feeding every three days. I'm using 1 ml per 100 gals of the DT's. and I mix 1/4 tea of the Golden pearls in to it. this tank is a 75 gal. I will cut the feeding in half and see how he reacts. I will post the results.
1 ml per 100 gals of the DT's in a 75-gallon every 3 days?

I dump a cap full of DT's in my 10-gallon tank every day.
Hi I did try feeding half the amount. I noticed the Derasa did not close up this time. I have been feeding at night. I have never tried it with the lights on. Would this be a better choice?