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I have a T. Squamosa (7-8 inches) that has been in my 50 gallon tank for at least the last 3 years. Over the last day the clam's exhalent siphon has appeared to have less color and a kole tang and midas blenny have been nipping at it( ex. siphon). The inhalent siphon appears more open than usual as well. Tank parameters are bassically unchanged (pH 8.0- 8.2, alk 9-11, salinity 1.024, temp 80-82). I did upgrade the lighting above that side from a 150 watt 6500k to 175 watt 10k about 3 weeks ago. The other side of the tank went from a 175 watt 10k to a 400 watt 10k but have slowly increased the photoperiod on that lamp. The clam did spawn about 1-2 months ago as well. Any thoughts/help would be appreciated I would sure hate to lose this guy.
schuck the clam......

schuck the clam......

you are going to have an expensive meal soon.. Casino style. It sounds like 3 things going on. First is PAR. Photosynthetic Available Radiation.... is closely tied to the symbiotic algae and U/V light sensitivity. you may have burnt the mantel. Second is food. I believe you also didnt mention any plankton or Phytoplankton filter feeder foods being added. I have had Clams also do very well, and all of a sudden they crash. Third, Changing Spectrum to a deeper water color was a mistake. Most clams these days grow in less than 4 feet of water in farms. Rarely are wild ones collected. They need a higher range spectrum to flourish. AND water qualuty is another issue. Clams are HIGHLY sensitive to changes to water quality. It is also possible it was sick from day 1 and has just now started to show signs. I have found 120 days to be the " breakaway to OK day" time frame when I know a clam will do well long term. Once the shrimps, and fish start nibbling and the clam cant close up, its 85 % chance of downhill. Id get out the clam schucking tools, it looks like a steamer..... lol, sorry.
jim norris said:
When the clam spawned what did the fish do or how did they react? Did the spawning cloud the tank and if so how long did this condistion last? Am I right is the clam under the 175 or the 400 watter? Have you taken the clam out and check him over?
I do not like clam soup so lets see what we can do!
I hate to say it but I think this guy is a goner. I don't have a pic but the mantle has really receded and the inhalant is gaping. The spawning took place 1-2 months ago and the fish nipped at it then. The tank was clouded but clear the next day and I did a 20% water change. It is under the 175 watt and because of the rock the 400 does not appear to reach it much. I have examined him but nothing out of the ordinary. Here's a pic in the healthy state for old time sake.
Great picture! Take the clam out of the water and smell, if the clam smells rotten yes he is gone. Very strange that after 3 years the clam did this. Did the clam spawn after and changes to the tank.
took it out last night and it did not have that typical smell, but this am it is looking worse. The spawning was after I redid the rock work. No other changes come to mind. Thanks for your interest...