clam lighting


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i wne to my lfs called aquatic warehouse if anyone ever heared of it. I want to keep clams in my 40g and i wanted a MH buld but they said that it would not work out because it would just totaly heat up my water. Is this true, and if i can put a MH bulb in my 40g how many watts is recomended . I probably just want 2 clams and some corals. Any info is greatly appreciated!
I also live in SD and am aware of AW. Can not remember the depth of a 40 gallon but you don't have to place in right on top of the tank. I know a lot of people that are running MH on a tank your size without any problems.

Since you are in San Diego and if you wish you can give me a call and we can discuss this. My number is on my web site.

cool thanks ill give u a ring sometime....i got someother questions..ill rpobably give u a call sometime around this week...thanks for the help!:) Oh wow is this ur business selling these clams?