Clam Shell Question


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The LFS has a tridacnid Clam that I want to purchase. Not sure what type but it was @ 8 inches, earthtone color body (brown, tan and whilte) with a very thin blue speckled line at the end of the mantle. The clam looks healthy was fully extended at the LFS and it partiall retracted when I cast a shadow over it.

When I examined it I noticed several small holes (@ the size of a pen dot) in the side of the clam

Are the holes normal?

Are the holes a sign of calcium deficiency?

Are the holes something I can/need to correct?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


If the holes go all the way through the shell I'd pass on teh clam. It may have been preyed upon by snails that bore into the shell and eat the clam from the inside out. If the holes don't go through it may be from normal wear and tear or small boring worms that may or may not have injured the clam.