Cleaner Shrimp Reproducing?


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I have two cleaner shrimp in my 90 gallon. One looks to have a bunch of eggs attached to the bottom of him/her. Has anyone ever had their cleaner shrimp reproduce?

The tank has been up and running for about 5 months.

Running CF Lights (T5's on backorder), ASM G1X Skimmer, 30 gallon sump/ fuge.


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Yes, I have a pair that seems to hatch a brood every 3-5 weeks. I always find plenty of small shrimp swimming around the tank and fuge at night, but i've yet to see one any larger than ~3/8 inch long. There seems to be some missing water chem requirement for them to make it through their last molt and reach adult phase. From what I've read cleaners are hermaphrodite; if you have a pair they should both be able to bear eggs. They release the eggs at night, frequently immediately after doing a water change for me. The eggs change from a green to metallic gray-green color when they're ready.