180 with 3 fish - need stocking advice


Hello everyone,

I'm currently running a 180-gallon tank with just three fish. It's technically a reef tank because it features toadstools and blue mushrooms throughout. (See pics attached). I've always maintained a low bio-load, but due to the passing of some older fish, I'm now down to just three. Currently, I have a mimic tang and two oscellaris clownfish that host a large toadstool. My setup includes a protein skimmer, a dual media reactor (carbon & GFO), and a in-sump small refugium with some chaeto. Additionally, I have 3 MP40s and two IceCap wavemakers to ensure adequate water flow. ALSO - THIS SYSTEM IS MATURE AND HAS BEEN RUNNING FOR 7+ YEARS

I'm seeking your advice on what to do next. I'd like to focus on adding captive-bred reef-safe fish to my tank, but the captive-bred aspect limits my options somewhat. I prefer a harmonious tank environment without conflicts. The mimic tang has been in the tank for at least 5 years, and I currently feed them with mysis shrimp and the occasional algae sheet.

Do you think the mimic tang is content being the only larger fish in the tank? If so, I'm open to keeping the tank as-is and simply adding more corals, particularly mushroom or toadstool varieties. I can consider other tangs, angels, or small fish like royal gramma...etc

Your insights and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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Nice tank, that's a nice Leather coral.

As far as fish, I would ask what kinds of fish you are interested in? These days, there are a lot of captive bred options out there. I personally prefer smaller more colorful fish, Grammas, Dottybacks, Chromis, etc. Blennys are always entertaining.