Cleaning sump


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I have a 130 gal tank with an AllGlass MegaFlow 4 sump. Also a protein skimmer and a phosphate reactor that operate in the sump. When I top off I usually add RO water by putting it into the sump. The tank has been up for 6mos so there is some debris (white etc) on the bottom of the sump. When I add water to the sump it stirs it up and the returns throw it into the tank. Is this harmful to he tank and how can I stop it from happening other than pouring the RO directly into the tank that disturbs the tank inhabitants and corals.
Well I would not say it is neccessarily harmful sturring that stuff up. In fact, in some ways you are problem feeding the tank. However, with this stuff accumulating in your sump over period of time it will break down and leach into your tank. This could throw off you water chemistry. I would just syphon the debris (most likely detritus) one a weekly or bi weekely basis. Then you won't have to worry about stirring it up so much when you top-off, and you don't have to worry about it breaking down in your tank.