clip on fans?


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Having issues with temp. I dont even have my halides hooked up yet, hood is not on the tank. Running a 3 foot 4 bulb t5 fixture, NO heaters and I'm running at 80-82.

I need some clip on fans over the sump. I've seen Air Kings, but $30 for a 6" plastic fan? Gimmie a break! Anyone find any different brands any cheaper? Where?


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I got mine at Walmart for $10. Getting a little late in the season to find them. Better not waste any time looking.


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get a small box fan and lay it flat on egg crate over the sump. 10" box fan is about $10 at Wally world. But as Eileen said, it's the end of season.


Dave VG

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I've had up to a 5 degree drop in the summer months on my 90 when it was setup. Keeping up with the top off water was a little harry as it was only a gallon container. Now on the 40B I have them programmed on my RKL and my top off is 5 gallons


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earlier this year I put fans on both systems and the temp management hasn't been an issue at all. I read that fans are good for 5-8 degrees, no credible source though.

I will confess both fans are quite large.