Cloudy Water

vzman reef

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I have cloudy water for the last 4 days. I did a 20% water change yesterday which i thought would help, and doesnt look like its changed at all.
I cleaned everything as well as put a new filter pad in...I am at Wits end.
Any ideas for clearing this up? I appreciate any help or ideas.

ph - 8.2
Amonia - 0
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - 5

Current Setup:
29 Biocube
Protein Skimmer
2 Clowns
1 Fire Shrimp
1 Gren polyp Coral
6 Hermits
6 Turbo Snails


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It's probably just a bacteria bloom. Your best bet IMO is just leave the tank alone. Continue with your daily routine, but just don't fiddle with any of the rocks, filters, substrate etc. I'm not sure how often you do water changes, but hold off on those until it clears up. It should go away on it's own.


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Hmm, that tank has barely cycled and you have added invertebrates. It's really a little early to add fish and cuc's and coral! I ran my 28g nanocube 2 months before I added a few snails, another couple weeks before adding fish, and another month before I started adding corals. Watch closely the ammonia. Even when my test kit read '0', I waited another week just to be sure. Good luck vzman.


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+1 on bacteria bloom. My tank experienced a bacteria bloom when cycling the tank.It was gone in 2 weeks.

vzman reef

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I appreciate all your help...this is what I get for being a Novice and listening to many people...should I just leave alone until it clears?

vzman reef

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so I currently have approx 25lbs rock...and inserted an additional circulating pump 450gph (koriala). how much light time do you suggest? should I leave Moonlight on overnight?


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i too am at the end of my witts with cloudy tank went cloudy a couple days ago....guess i will take the advise and wait it out....


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It could also be an algae bloom. I have only seen cloudy water in a tank once, and I thought it was ammonia, but later I realized it was microalgae when it started to settle on the glass.

vzman reef

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thanks hollister after adjusting lighting already i have seen a difference. I appreciate your help on this..