Clown Goby bothering T. Deresa


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Hi everyone, I'm new here & sorta new to the hobby. I need advise on my clam, I have a yellow Clown Goby that seems to be bothering the clam. He occasionaly sits on the clam's mantle & nips it. I know the clam is bothered, because he closes right up, but does open again until the next time. I'm worried that the clam will become stressed. Other than the obvious, remove the fish,is there any advise anyone can give me?
Thanks, Pat

Unless you can isolate the clam (or the fish), I think removing one or the other is your only solution. Do you have any acropora in the tank? Perhaps the clown goby would adopt the coral as it's home.

Good luck.
Clown gobies are a fish that loves to spend time in acro's. But in one tank, I have a little green guy that spends his time in either a toadstool leather, or a fat finger leather. It likes to hide in them.
I also got a green clown as a hitchhiker with one acro I had. It would BARELY leave the acro to eat. I had to spot feed it for the longest time.
If you give it a new home it can feel secure in, it will most likely leave the clam 100% alone.
I have a little green clown goby. I have had him for years. I also have 5 clams. I have never seen him bother any of them, however, like the previous post - he lives two different acro heads, only leaving them to eat. I have also spend time in the singulara. I also think a new home is the answer, however, if he does not take to it quickly, I would move him or the clam.

Just another thought. I have never done this with a clam, but I have done this with an open brain that a flameangel decided was tasty - place a small green strawberrybasket or a piece of gladeware with lots of small holes cut into it over the clam to discourage the goby. It might also help it find a new home.

Good luck,
Hi Connie,

Thanks for your input, I tried finding an acro in my area this weekend, only three LFS in 30 miles that carry any corals, no luck. No acros, no SPS corals of any kind. You apparently have to be Johnny on the spot to get them when the stores get their orders in. I did buy a good sized Finger(sinularia?) coral, an Open Brain and an unidentified branching LPS( cause all but two of the polyps died and the store owner gave it to me for 5 bucks).

I have two of these fish in my 55gal, one stays in a largish clump of Halimeda, but the other goes from coral to clam to rock and back again. I tried to net the fish a few days ago, I tried a few tricks I read on the lists, no luck with that either. I'm keeping a close watch on the clam for now and I may try something like a cage to protect him.

Thanks again,

I just read your reply and realized that you are living in Oregon. You need to take a drive up north and go SPS shopping. I have three LFS within 5 miles of my house and another great on in Southeast Portland.

Good luck! If you are trying to catch the little guy, Agu has a great method for catching damsels. I assume it might work on clown gobies. I used his method and have caught 4 of my 5 overgrown chromis.

Thanks Connie,

Rest assured, I will be going to Portland. We have inlaws there that we see a couple times a year. I've been trying to get by a descent LFS up there for a couple of years, maybe I can ask for some specific reccomendations just before we come up the next time( sometime this summer). Thanks again for the tips.

Have a good one,
Please let me know when you are coming up and maybe I can give you am idea of who specalizes in what. There are three in the Portland Area that are considered excellent. Souta's is one it advertises mail order coral on this website. Deep Sea Gallary is another, they also have a website and internet business. WAVES is the third and maybe my favorite.

I hope your goby has found a new home.