clown tang?


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anyone had experience/know about keeping clown tangs?

one at the lfs and i like..., however i here that they are mildly difficult



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I would say really difficult. I had one that didn't make it a week.

It was an awsome looking fish for sure. I don't want to be a bummer, but they are really tricky to take care of. I think they do best in a really large tank, like 8ft, with really good flow.

I have read that many of these guys don't make it.
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They are one of those fish that should not be brought into the industry. They are very hard to keep and they need lots a room to swim, at a minimum of an 8' long tank and that is still pushing it.


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I have tried two different times with clown tangs and not had good luck. Tried every food I could think of and they showed little interest to feed.

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I had luck with one for almost 2 years, he ate like a pig but would get ich every time he was taken out of quarantine and put in the display. I finally added him without getting ich and he proceeded to bully just about every other fish in the tank. He lived the next 18 months in a 20L aquarium after that until the heater failed (this was many years ago). They're one of my favorite fish looks wise, but even if you're one of the lucky few to get them to survive you'll most likely have even bigger problems on your hands.

Sad to say, but lets hope the LFS learns a lesson from him dying in their tank.


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If I knew then what I know now I probably would not have gotten them. I had a 125 gallon tank about 7 years ago and I had 3 clown tangs together, they all got along and did great for 2 years until I got rid of that tank. By saying I wish I would have knew what I know now at the time, I mean theres no way I would have tried that. Lucky it worked out but by no means would ever attempt that again or recommend it.

They are a beautiful fish, but they do need lots of room and are challenging to keep


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I had two of them during my first few months into the salt water hobby as a newb...lived ok in my 8 feet tank for 2 months but eventually died 1 by 1 from starvation cause all they ate was algae from my live rocks. Couldn't get them to eat anything else, tried the whole 9 yards in fish food, nothing. Algae ran out, fish ran out of gas... anyone for some clown fish bone filets?