Clownfish and brittle stars


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I just bought 2 pieces of live rock, and they each have at least one brittle star in them. From the size of the tentacles I saw, the brittle stars are about 1-3 inches across total.

Will these grow bigger and end up eating my 2 ocellaris clownfish? I just want to try to prevent a problem later down the road. Right now the 2 pieces of live rock are in a separate tank.

Can anyone recommend a way to get the brittle stars out? Last night I did a 5-minute dip in a solution of Lugol's Solution and Flatworm Exit, and I read that it was supposed to kill the brittle stars, but it clearly didn't.

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions!

Why do you want to kill the brittle stars? They are the coolest creatures, quiet, secretive, COOL! I have three and I look forward to seeing them every night. I also have a small one who I love to watch. They will not hurt your clown fish or any other fish. Feed them some mysis shrimp or brine shrimp, they'll be perfectly happy and they keep to themselves