Clownfish Behavior


New member
I bought two clownfish this weekend. They seem to get along great, one is bigger than the other and they seem to have paired up. I've had just the LEDs on in my tank the last few days, letting them get used to the tank.

So they've been doing the funny clown thing, wiggling around in place, mostly staying in one corner but exploring at times. I fed them the other day and both ate.

Well today I have noticed that the smaller guy seems to be staying back in one particular corner, the one he sleeps in, and isn't straying far from it. He's doing his clown wiggle thing, but he is doing it vertically, nose facing down. It kind of reminds me of the way lionfish stalk their prey but I didn't think clowns behaved this way. I've been watching and he will occasionally swim out and do a little lap, then right back he goes.

He's not rubbing against the tank, and I don't see any signs of heavy breathing or discoloration.

Any thoughts?