Clownfish Parasite?


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Hi all—woke up this morning to my larger (2.5”) black ocellaris with a white bump under his mouth. Has been eating normally. Normal behavior. Normal poops. She’s only been in for a week. Tank is a little over two months old, they are the only fish inhabitants. There is a BTA doing well, but they don’t have a relationship yet, sadly…

Does this seem like a parasite?

15G Mixed Reef
1.026 sg
0ppm ammonia, nitrite
5.85ppm nitrate
0.02ppm phosphate
460ppm calcium
1500ppm magnesium



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I'm not a veterinarian, nor can I diagnose your problem. But I cam share my experience with my salt water aquarium I've had for some time. Over the course of many years any issues with my fish from disease first thing I have done has been turning up temperature, adding garlic juice, and adding vitamin supplements. So far with the countless issues I have ran into. This worked first try and was cheapest.

If it is in fact what the previous poster said... there is no exact know fix...doesnt mean you cant do it... lympocystis is cause by bad water quality, stressors, and diet...

Try what I said... it has build the fishes natural immune system to fight disease. I add garlic and vitamin to every weekly water change and to food. Cant say you wont have issues in future but they dont last long. Ask my baby boy Crowley the dogfaced puffer lol... let me know what you do.