clowns and new long til host?


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Ok so I took the leap and finally bought my first anemone. It's nothing specacular...just a BTA of an average size. My question long will it take for my pair of clowns to host on the BTA? They are Percula clowns and I've heard contradicting stories that percs won't host on a BTA but I've also heard that they will. Is this an issue? Any special care that I need to give my new addition? Is there a specific feeding style that works better than others? I must admit I did some reading on anemones but am going into this half blind. Any advice always appreciated.


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depends if you want it to split fast feed it like 2-3 times a week. clown fish host what they feel like. mine hav yet to host my anenome after almost 2 months they may never.


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Although BTA's aren't natural hosts for Percula clowns, they sometimes do in aquariums. How long it might take is impossible to say. I recently read a post on this forum where it was almost a year after putting an anemone with clowns before they took to it.


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It took my percs about 2 months before they decided to start hosting my rbta 1 day they just started showing interest in it