Color morphing upon Switching from MH to LED?


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I have some ATL green w/ pink polyp monti cap that was overgrown in my DT. So I broke a few pieces off and put it in my frag tank.. All was well normal color growing nicely and then made the switch to LED and while I still have great growth the color has shifted from green to blue. Anybody else experience this. I'm wondering if it's the spectrum? I'm going to experiment and change out a few LED's.. Gonna add 2 red,green,uv to the mix to see if it changes anything.

Honestly the coral looks awesome but I know it won't stay that way when I give it to someone else.. Will it?

What do you guys think?

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I have had some corals morph corals. I bought frags from ppl and was wondering why the color looked te same after a while. I am running ai sol


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I purchased some high end zoas from a guy who runs MH and after a month or so under my LEDs they either morphed or became translucent. I was told by my LFS that it was indeed the spectrum. I no longer by color sensitive frags from any other than LED set ups.


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I switched from MH's to solar tubes. Had the same issue with some corals. My Steve Elias stag went from Green with blue tips to brown with purple tips. My ATL Pink and Green Nasuta turned purple. My pink stylophora turned purple. My Monti. capitata went from light green and branchy to a slightly darker green and flat growth (like a confusa).


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Good to know its not me doin something wrong LOL. Monti cap is the only one affected in that tank .. Im grabbing some different color cap this weekend to see if it does it again. All my acro seem to be doin fine as does all the encrusting montis I have. Just put in order for some different color LED's to add to the mix to see if it helps