Colt Frags


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Have 5 frags of this

<B>Mother Colony</b>


2 medium @ $10 ea. one is mounted (on rock about 3lb), one un-mounted

3 small frags @ $5 ea. All un-mounted

PM if interested.


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auction??!!?? what auction???!!??


I'm not sure if I can make it, and I'm kinda in a hurry to move this rock that Bcollins wants ... gotta make room for my giant leather!

BTW: Bcollins you have a frag, and a PM. Thanks!


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it is, but it isn't. Colts don't leave little ones running around everywhere. I have a Kenya tree from Sammie and a dozen babies. I wonder if I could claim them somehow on my taxes at the end of the year.


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I've never owned a Kenya Tree. I got a colt from ecojoe (i think) years ago ... well, It died except for a small bump that I all but forgot about. I re-arranged some rock, lost track of the bump .. and then one day found this guy. Its been growing ever since.

I also thought it looked a little odd for a colt .. but since I have never bought a kenya tree, i naturally assumed it was the colt.

And I am 100% positive that what I got from ecojoe was a colt. So this kenya tree must be a hitchhiker or something .... but I've had all this same rock for 4 years .. and the colt/kenya is only 1.5 years old ... so I'm a little stumped

I'm not sure if I count these frags as babies necessarily. I have a patch of Halimeda that grows near buy. The kenya colt attaches to it, and as the weight increases with growth, the halimeda bends and the kenya colt gradually splits. I just pruned my halimeda the other day and found all these guys. maybe created a couple by mistake as well while i was ripping it out.

but thats my story and I'm sticking to it!

samples of this miracle can be had for a measly $5 ... lol Holy-spontaneous-coral-growth, batman.