Compatible Corals with my lights?


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I am new to the saltwater side of aquariums and was wondering what corals I could keep. I currently have a Marineland double bright LED fixture and dont have the extra cash to go out and get a coral fixture. A friend gave me some button polyps that seem ok with my lights and I have a few mushrooms that are thriving as well. I would appreciate any input as I would like to pick a few more things up to liven up the visual of my tank and am not sure what if any i can keep successfully with that type of lighting.

A. Grandis

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I'm very sorry to disappoint you, but if you want to keep healthy corals for a while you really need the reef lights. I'm not a fan of LEDs and therefore wouldn't recommend that.
The best lights for small systems are still T5s HO. Basically the right deal. You won't regret and won't have problems. try to save some money and when you're ready you can start on the right track.