Complete 30gal Reef Tank for Sale


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- Finnex M-30 30 Gallon RR Tank & Stand with built-in Refugium
- Tunze DOC 9002 Protien Skimmer
- Sundial T5 Light Fixture with built-in timers and moonlight LEDs
- Kalk Reactor
- RO/DI Water Filter
- Pumps/Powerheads
- 6 gal Auto Top-Off
- 6 gal Auto Water Change

- Green/Purple Acros
- Orange/Orange & Green/Purple Zoos
- Green/Yellow Birdsnests
- Green/Purple Mushrooms
- Daisies
- Large Torch
- Frogspawn

- Black & White Clownfish
- 6-Line Wrasse
- Watchman Goby
- Flame Hawkfish
- Psychedelic Manderin

45lbs Live Fiji Rock, sand, timers, salt, kalk, food, hoses, test kits, cleaning supplies, 2 Emerald Crabs, a few Peppermint shrimp, hermits, turbos, heater, thermometer, hydrometer, etc.



This tank has been up and running for a little less than a year and doing extremely well. Everything is fully automated, even the water changes to a certain extent... I hate to let it go but I'm relocating to DC and I don't want to deal with moving it.

I'm asking $1,500 which is roughly half of what I paid for everything brand new and again, nothing is more than a year old.



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Sorry to here you are getting out. I have the same tank.

If you part out I would be interested in the mandarin, some of the corals (sps and zoas), powerheads, etc.

843-697-2780 or pm me


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Any chance on .. U selling a few of your Emerald Crab?? I am in need, My 20 gallon is full of bubble alge .. please let me know if you are going to sell . thanks ..


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I'll part it out if I can get enough people to commit to everything (or at least most of it) in this thread, but I'd really prefer to sell it as a whole and I can come down a little on that price... say, $1200?

It'll just be so much easier if I can either sell it all together or at least get rid of it all at the same time. Catching the manderin and emeralds crabs for example, would mean basically taking every rock out of the tank and it's taken a long time to get it just right, as I'm sure you all know... and I don't to end up with 45lbs of live rock and a clownfish either...

I'm not getting out of the hobby necessarily, just taking a little break until I get settled into a new house up there, but I appreciate the condolences. :)



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Ironically, I just got a pm from someone interested in the live rock, clownfish and goby...

If you guys are all serious, I'll go ahead and part it out, but serious inquiries only though please!

I'll get a price list together and post it here in a few...


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Here's the price list:

Finnex M-30 Tank & Stand $200.00
Sundial T5 HO w/ Timers & LED $150.00
Tunze DOC Skimmer 9002 $75.00
Kalk Reactor $75.00
RO/DI Water Filter $75.00
Pumps/Powerheads $100.00
6 gal Auto Top-off $25.00
6 gal Auto Water Change $25.00
Green & Purple Acros $100.00
Green & Yellow Birdsnests $50.00
Pink, Green & Orange Zooanthids $50.00
Green Mushrooms $25.00
Daisies $25.00
Large Torch $35.00
Frogspawn $20.00
Black & White Clownfish $20.00
6-Line Wrasse $20.00
Watchman Goby $20.00
Flame Hawkfish $20.00
Psychedelic Manderin $20.00
Emerald Crabs (3) $15.00
Crabs/Snails $15.00
45lbs Live Fiji Rock $225.00
40lbs Sand $50.00
Salt (almost a full 50gal bucket) $35.00
Misc $30.00

Here's a shot of the "behind the scenes" stuff... sorry for the quality, took it with my cell phone...