Complete Tank w/ extras


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I have taken a new job a couple of states away, so I need to sell my saltwater reef setup ASAP! I do NOT want to try to move this thing; I just won’t have the space. I am asking $800, and I will NOT break up, so please, do not start asking. This reef has been running for about 5 years, so it is very well established. My chemistry is always in line, even without running a protein skimmer.<p>
The tank in a 90 gallon AGA non reef ready, about 5 years old. The tank is sound and does not leak. There are some scratches from the live rock being moved around, but not very noticeable when filled with water. The stand, canopy and aquarium trim is painted forest green (I have the remaining primer and paint for touch ups), but could be painted to fit your décor.<p>
The filtration is a custom 40 gallon sump/refugium with 10 pounds of Miracle Mud and at least 10 pounds of live rock rubble from Premium Aquatics. Water is returned to the tank via a MAG 9.5 return pump that is only about 1 year old. Water gets to the sump via a dual flow overflow that can handle 1600gpm. An extra MAG 7 pump also included.<p>
Lighting is dual Ice Cap 250 watt metal hailde retrofit with SpiderLight reflectors. Bulbs are XM 10K that are only 5 months old. I have a fan blowing under the canopy to cool the lights and the top of the water. My temp stays at 78 with no chiller needed.
I have at least 100 pounds of live rock in the tank, mostly Fiji purchased from Aquatic Treasures, Gateway Aquatics and from Premium Aquatics. The live sand bed is about 3 inches deep, made up of only Aragalive Fiji Pink live sand(about 100 pounds). The livestock is very healthy and has been living in my tank for about 5 years; Blue Hippo Tang, 6 inches; Yellow Tang, 6 inches; 2 Reef Chromis, 3 inches; 2 Clowns that host in rose and green anemones, 4 inches. The Candy Cane coral has 10 large heads, some type of elk horn coral, lots of misc. zoas, mushrooms, Xenia, a huge Colt Coral, loads of green star polyps. There is NO aptasia in this tank, NO pests like flatworms etc.<p>
Included is an Aqua C Urchin PRO protein skimmer with drain fitting and MAG 3 pump. Although I don’t need to run the skimmer anymore to keep my nitrates at zero, it did an AMAZING job when I did run it. I am also throwing my Oceanus RODI unit. I just replaced the DI resin and filters 2 months ago. The 60 GPD RO membrane is new last year.<p>
I am also including all supplies I have, including a modded Maxi Jet 1200 pump (modded with the kit from, about 5 maxijet pumps, a new sealed 50 gallon bag of Instant Ocean salt, a partial bag of Instant Ocean Salt, an extra 30 gallon tank in great shape and various heaters, HOB filters, nets and test kits.
I am sure I have left many things off this list, as I have invested well over 5k in this tank over the past 5 years. I can send better pics in you are interested. The first $800 takes it!<p>