Converting 300dd from fowlr to reef


New member
I'm currently thinking of switching my 300dd to a reef. Wondering what all I need to do to get this done. I know some fish will have to go. I'm thinking I'll have to get rid of my mappa puffer, blue jaw trigger pair, saddleback and green bird wrasse, foxface, flame and passer angel. I currently have 3-360we kessil leds for lighting. I also have to apex wavs for flow. Basement sump with hammerhead for return pump. I also run reef octopus elite 200int skimmer w algae scrubber.

I'm wanting to keep a mix of hard/soft corals. Just wondering if I need more lighting and more flow? I don't want to replace what I currently have equipment wise just add to it if needed. Also plan on adding calcium reactor to the current setup. Any other items please let me know. Thanks