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Cool. Well my setup is exactly like yours now with the exception that I am only going to be making phytoplankton. Now my last few questions. I went to a couple of the sites you suggested to obtain the cultures and I'm confused on which to buy. I am really using this for 2 small clams in my 120gal tank. Should I get the Isochrysis G. or ocean green. From reading their captions I don't see much difference in these cultures from Dt's which I currently use except for they are not concentrated like Dt's. What is your take on this? Lastly, after the culture has been "simmering for 7-10 days how can I be sure that it is going to be helpful and not harmful to my tank; meaning that I did not harvest the culture too late. Thanks.
If you go to the Florida Aqua Farms or Aqua Culture Supply websites, you'll see both offer micro alga kits. I would highly reccomendone of these kits. The kit comes with a density measuring stick, alaga disks, alga fertilizer, misc hardware, and most importantly the plankton culturing manual.

I think this manual will answer your current questions and those that you are about to ask. The other components you'll either need or wish you had at some point.

Not meaning to pass the buck, but this is really the best approach.


I really think the manual will be a huge help.

Another source to check is the forums on ReefCentral. Both Matt Beamann and Flame*Angel have contributred some excellent information in a couple of threads on ReefCentral. Flame*Angel has done an excellent job providing details on her advancements with phyto culturing.