Coral ID - Please


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Richard -

Would you please ID the genus and species of this coral?


Hey! I have tons of those too, but mine haven't come out like that. They were so appealing at TBS that I specifically bought rocks with those on them. I have about 4-5 small colonies of them, and some are looking ebtter than others- but it's only been nearly 2 hours, so I'm not worried, they are just a little shy from the move ;) If anyone has an ID I'd love to know as well. (While we're at it I think it's a stony, SPS or LPS, but I'm not sure which.)
Kinda looks like a balaphyllia elegans to me, but I think those are temperate (they're a solitary cup coral). You might check out that genus though.

They are filter feeder as well

They are filter feeder as well

I have all TBS rock and these babies are cool. If you give them time their tentacles will grow depending on water motion. I messed with a powerhead the other day and some grew real long tentacles to be able to get better flow.

Just because you dont see any tents. Doesnt mean they are dead Some days they are open and some they aren't they are cool!!!

I am digging for the name now

The best reference for Gulf LR coral ID:
Reef Coral Identification: Florida Caribbean Bahamas
and for creature ID:
Reef Creature Identification: Florida Caribbean Bahamas
both by Paul Humman and Ned Deloach
Really an excellent set of books to figure out what all that stuff on your TBS LR is. Unfortunately these books do not provide any care info other than the animals natural habitat (ie. depth, current, etc).