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Liverock, or anyone else could you please ID the three large corals in this picture. There is a brain in the right upper corner, a colony of somthing in the bottom right, and in the middle there is a colony of tubes with tenticles.



PS- The rock is doing great!!!


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The brain on the top right, probably a Green Open Brain... Tracyphillia geoffroyi?? The one in the middle prob. a cup coral, Turbinaria SP? And the bottom right is prob. a Closed Brain Coral, Favites Sp? I too have had TB Live rock. The only rock to go with. Killer looking stuff you have there. Especially that Green Open Brain. NICE!!!!:cool:


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If you look at TBS site they list these corals...

Cladacora arbuscula tube coral
Phyllangia sp. cup coral
Siderastrea radians star coral

You have :
Cladacora arbuscula tube coral
Siderastrea radians star coral

in your photo, the colony in the middle is the CLADACORA ARBUSCULA, on the right bottom is SIDERASTREA RADIANS....

I have 130 pounds of rock with those corals and more... I have the same open brain you have, but haven't found a conclusive ID in the books I have, but I have for the corals you have, TBS is correct in their ID.

I can't image you don't have any PHYLLANGIA CUPs I have tons on my rock, they are like little black and white buttons with little clear polypys that extend, kind of like the cladacora, but different, longer polyps and not quite like the complete cirlcle of polyps extending from, but the single(tenticles) extending from the button...... they don't grow so much in colonies like the Cladacora... and sometimes they don't have any polyps extended, they just look like buttons.... I have found very little documentation on them, actually only on one state of texas website.

I hope that helps :)



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The coral in the upper right corner is Caribbean Rose Coral (Manicina areolata). Mine like meaty foods like small Mysis shrimp, zooplankton or finely chopped krill, siversides or clam. Try squirting a little meaty juice over it with a turkey baster to get the polyps to extend if they're not out already. Mine feeds best during daylight as opposed to most of what I've read regarding brain corals.

I hope you have better luck with the Sidastrea radians than I have. Most of mine have bleached. I just started feeding phyto to the ones that are left but I can't tell if it's helping yet.
All my cup and tube corals seem to be doing fine without any special treatment.

The best reference for Gulf LR coral ID:
Reef Coral Identification: Florida Caribbean Bahamas
and for creature ID:
Reef Creature Identification: Florida Caribbean Bahamas
both by Paul Humann and Ned Deloach
Really an excellent set of books to figure out what all that stuff on your TBS LR is. Unfortunately these books do not provide any care info other than the animals natural habitat (ie. depth, current, etc).


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Thanks for the info regarding the books, too bad they don't talk about care thouigh.

I have half-assed looked for books dealing with the stuff on TBS rock. I have found, nothing, but again, I haven't looked hard.


I have had mixed results with the radians, some have done quite well and have spread a bit, while others, or parts of other colonies have died off, with not obvious explanation.....