coral of the week { porites }


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week #5 { porites } . This week I will do things a little different. Pinkskunk had asked for me to do yellow porites but there are so many type of porites that can be yellow like: p. cylindrica, p. lichen, p. astreoides etc. so I decided to do the hole group of porites at once (any color). And the requirements for almost all the porites is pretty much the same. I will probably break down this group of corals into smaller groups in the future. I have a feeling this thread could be rather large due to the fact porites are introduced on live rock all the time. I have about 3 different types in my tank right now that came in on live rock. The different porites can also be rather hard to identify so If you know the type of porites you have please let us know and post a picture.

Every week I will post a new coral and I want you to post everything you know about this particular coral. Everything from common names, how hardy they are, water temp, water flow, lighting, water parameters, fraging, spawning, related corals, scientific names, feeding, best ways to ship, etc. Post your pictures for identification. Please tell us about your system so others can duplicate your success. Also email me for request on which corals you would like to see in this section.


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I have a large frag of porities cylindrica, yellow, that came from Tapio Haaparanta by way of Steve Tyree. I got this frag on 8-4 and it has had it's good days and it's bad. Finding a spot that it really liked was the hard part. Now that I have, it is growing quite nicely. This frag is in my 120 gal. under 1 of the 2 250w 65k iwasaki's with 2 96w pc. actinics. It is under the water surface about 5" directly under the lamp. It gets only med. water flow and is happy that way, I have noticed great growth since. Temp. in this tank is controlled by a chiller and is set on 78. My water params. are: ca. 450 ppm. by kalk. drip, 11-12dKh, no phos., nitrites, nitrates are <2, no ammonia, I feed the tank 2xweekly with Phytoplex and DT's. I have not fragged this coral yet as it took awhile to get it settled in. It does have a nice long branch off to one side that would be an excellent frag. I wish I had a pic to post but don't and I don't think there is a pic on my website of it.

check out my webpage:

this is in my clam tank.
400w 10KK + 96 w PC blue over a 40 gallon AGA breeder.
I don't have a porites yet:D, but I thought I'd point this out since no one else mentioned it. Porites are often hosts to different worms, as is evident from Atlantis' picture. On the upper left hand portion of the porites is a small feather duster type of worm. It's a brown color. Just thought I would point that out. I also have a question: is there a specific reason you (Atlantis and Vin's Fin) put the corals on the sand bed? I was ujust curious because Iwould lie to get one, and I ws planning on putting it on the live rock. HTH and thanks 4 the help!
Mikey - Nice piece. Is that yours? How long have you had it?

What's everyones experience with Bisma (sp?) worms? I was told in the beginning, that they will not survive without the porites. I've read that also somewhere. I had some that survived for at least 2 years without the porites. I put them in my new tank and I think something ate them:( Anyone know if they need the porites for a food sources or something?
Just wondering,
I have 2 porites, I fragged it by a mistake, now I got two.

its under dual 400's in my 58 gallon higher in the tank, more yellow.. the lower it more brown

slow grower

4 - maxijets on ocean motion wavemaker

so current caries, and its a good grower - slow but grows good.