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Full disclosure - I’m not a newb, but I would like some advice because I usually don’t order corals online and had a mishap occur that was not my fault. Let me give you a little back story before my question...

My tank used to be pretty amazing, but it unfortunately crashed about 2 yrs ago when I tried switching from IO to Red Sea Pro salt. The system is now about 7 years old....and I took it really hard when the crash happened. Due to the loss, I stopped taking excellent care of the tank and treated it like a FOWLR since all that survived were the Sarcophyton and my Purple Gorgonians. I haven't had any fish in the tank since the crash other than my Starry Blenny who recently passed (best fish ever!) ....and I finally got the urge to take care of the tank again and lightly restock fish/coral so that it’s entirely manageable.

Link to a video of my reef before the crash should you care to take a look

Took the time to remove algae, run GFO/Carbon, kill flatworms, and get all parameters to ideal conditions before adding anything:

Ammonia - 0
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - 0
Ca - 440
Dkh - 9.8 per Hanna checker
Mg - 1210
PH 8.3
Phosphate - 0 per Hanna checker
Kalkwasser dosed in ATO

I ordered a pair of Tomato Clowns, a photosynthetic plating sponge, and a bubble coral from live aquaria. All of the livestock arrived perfectly except the bubble coral. The bag was punctured and the coral was out of the water stuck at the top of the bag for who knows how long during the shipment.

I did put the bubble coral in the tank and it still has what appears to be healthy polyps, but it looks like it did lose a small amount of tissue due to the stress. It will not extend at all after being in the tank all day. I fed it Fauna Marin LPS pellets to coax them out (which it ate readily) but still no significant extension.

I did notify live Aquaria that the bag was punctured and I’m concerned the coral will die because of it. My experience with Euphyllia is limited to Frogspawn.

My questions are:

Is there a good chance that i can nurse it back to health?

I understand coral in the wild is sometimes exposed to air/sunlight for hours on end during tides....does this mean I should be ok since it was out of water for an extensive period?

Will live aquaria will stand by their guarantee since they packed it wrong?


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Did you take any pictures of the coral in the package? That will help your case if you did

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Yes I took pics as I spoke to them - emailed everything as requested. I’d like to post a pic of of when I took it out of the bag, but I can’t figure out how on here


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The bubble may recover. You may have a skeletal bit to cope with, but never give up on a stony that has healthy tissue left. One caution with bubbles---they have a 6" reach with tentacles, and can even reach straight UP in a fairly strong current. They also seem to have it in for pocilloporas.