Coralife Deep Six


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I have been using this for almost 4 months now and I just found out that it has been off by .005 the whole time. I took a water sample in the the LFS and it read 1.030 and I have always tried to keep it around 1.025. This little error has cost me quite a bit of $$ and it should be renamed the Deep S%!t. Beware!! That really explains a whole lot about a few things that have disappeared in the tank. Really sucks that a 10 dollar tester could cost you a few hundred bucks.

I lived and I learned =).

I hope this economy picks up soon so that I can keep up with this tank's issues. Getting pretty tough.


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yup, when I managed a LFS, about 50% of dip hydrometers were off. we'd calibrate them to our refractometer after someone bought one.


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I never understood why they were so important until I bought one and compared. I wouldn't trust a hydrometer at all. spend the extra money and invest in a quality product.


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Yeah, mine was off two. On top of that, they have a tendancy to collect water bubbles on the needle which makes you wonder every time if you're getting a correct reading or not.