correct Temp


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Hi All,

Looks like I'll be ordering a bimac from FFE I researched past posts but I'm still a touch confusd on the correct temp. 76-79? And did I understand correctly that the higher the temp the faster they grow the quicker they die? :(
The temp rang of 76-79 is on the higher end of acceptable, But never the less, Will be just fine. They actually prefer water tempatures around 65. I kept my octo at 79-80, But now that I have bought a house with a basement I am able to keep my temp at 70 :)
How do other items in the tank like that low temp? I'm thinking of brittle stars, snails, hermits, etc. Basically anything the octo doesn't eat would freeze, right?
Actually lower 70s is ideal (70-74) if your keeping your tank near 80, that's a little to warm(the oct will grow faster and eat more). I think 65 would be good but you'll have to buy a chiller.($$$$$$):)
I keep my tank around 73, my octo seems to be unhappy at anything warmer.

There is a lot of info in the past posts about setting up an octo tank, just do a search under Cephalopods for temp.