Could some please tell me what this coral is Called


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Some months ago my wife brought me a coral which we called a giraffe coral due to the markings and colour (A search under the name giraffe coral revealed nothing) . While it looked healthy for a few months, now it has started to die. Dose anyone know what it is and how I can look after it.
Any information would be appreciated, even a name so I can find out what it needs.

Thanks Steve
You probably see a LOT of stuff we don't as you're in Cairns.

I guess I'd search around about sponges, see if anyone's had good luck of late with them :)
Yeah, looks like a sort of tree sponge. I have 2 red tree sponges that have been in my tank for about 6mos. ONe is doing awesomeand the other, so-so. I just tuck them in the darker corners of the tank. Feed dt's phyto, for them.
Thanks for that petesreef. 1 question do they need a lot of water flow at the same or do they need a dark quite corner?
I believe it is a sponge with a encrusting gargonia. the white being the gagonia. I seen someone on reefcentral had one and polyps came out of the white area. Very hard to keep they said.