Cowrie ID???????????


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Went to In Living Color today, came home with an uninvited guest.

I know it's nearly impossible to ID without a photo but I came across a hitchhiker and my camera just won't pick it up clearly.

It has a Cowrie type shell, the size of a pencil eraser in the pencil, pinkish purple type spots on a white background(both body and shell), blackish brown nose mouth tentacles, white spikes relative to it's size(mm) coming out of shell.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated, at the very least is it reef safe. Purchased a blue tort and a pink carnation coral today, it was on the pink carnation.

I can't ty enough, this is the only soft coral in my tank, my wife wanted something pink... I will keep an eye out to see where it heads but it really seems to just chill on the pink carnation
That's because it is likely eating the coral. I would be sure to keep an eye out that the coral isn't suffering in any way. But more then likely you will have to remove the snail.
Not an easy coral to keep :( but they are beautiful.
HIH and good luck with it.
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Not a coral anybody should keep

Is more like it...*sigh*
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Is more like it...*sigh*

Unfortunately I was mislead by the sales associate, I regrettably read up on it's care after I brought it home and also realize it will more than likely die in my tank:(
I'm not necessarily sighing at you. These shouldn't be collected at all. It's amazing where they come from too, right next to acros in very shallow water.

After researching it I come to the same conclusion, I'm actually disappointed in myself as I know better than to bring something home I know nothing about.