Cracked My 55, Bought a 90!


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Okay, I drilled my 55 with no problems whatsoever no cracking no nothing. Today I was putting the bulkheads in and I tightened them tight. After they were on, I was test fitting the plumbing on the back and POP! glass cracked between bulkheads!

So I was pretty ticked to say the least! I was getting to the final stages of setup with the 55 and then it cracked. So I took off for the LFS to see about getting a replacement. While I was there I saw all the nice, new, bigger, shiny tanks and I got a 90! I have to widen my current stand and hood to accept the wider tank. No big deal, I am happy that I got it now rather than later. I already drilled it tonight for the bulkheads and will be make the stand and hood wider tomorrow. Good thing I bought all my equipment to handle a larger tank when I wanted to upgrade!

Here is a rundown of what I have:

ASM G2 Skimmer
2 - 300 Watt Titanium Heaters
Mag 5 for Sump Pump
Mag 9.5 For Closed Loop - Changing out to 12 for the needed increased flow
55 Gallon Tank Sump - Setup and can handle overflow water from the 90
IceCap 660 with 4 VHO Bulbs

So what I am getting at is that I had everything under control with the 55, then it cracked, I got awe struck at the LFS and bought the bigger tank and now what? I think all my equipment can handle the larger tank except for possibly the lighting. I plan on having a 4" DSB so actual tank depth will be 20". With that in mind and all my equipment listed can I have a reef tank consisting of LPS and Soft Corals? I can upgrade to MH later just not in the budget right now. Any other comments are welcome as well.


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Not sure how good the titanium heaters will hold up in a SW tank....sounds like a nice setup though.

they will probably hold up much better than a lot of other heaters.... you have much less flucuation in temp with titanium heaters than say with, you dont have to worry about breaking them. i think the titanium heaters were an excellent choice....

set up looks great. You will always be glad that you got a 90 instead of a 55. i did the same thing, upgraded from a 55 to a 90. that extra 6 inch depth makes a world of difference!!! good luck!!!



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You turned your lemon into some nice lemonade, good going! You'll LOVE having the 90g instead of a 55g; the volume gives you many more possiblities, and it's an easier shape to work with. I upgraded from a 35g to a 65g (had to get something that would fit into our book nook so I couldn't go over 36"L). Going from 12" W to 18" W is SO much nicer... I dream about a huge tank that's 24-30" deep, the aquascaping possiblities would be endless :D

As for the lighting, start with softies and see how they do, then try some LPS. I think you'd be fine, but I'm not experienced with VHO. If it's not enough for the more light-hungry LPS corals, you could still keep things like a sun coral (non photosynthetic) or bubbles and fox corals that require much less light than most.


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Thanks guys! I was really bummed, I had to get something to cheer me up! I used to have a 65 so I really like the 90, wider and deeper than the 55. I really didn't like how narrow the 55 was, so the 90 will be great. Just sets me back a couple days or a week in my initial set-up.


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my first tank was a 90

my new tank is a 300 talk about a jump and titanium heaters are sweet and shouldnt crack like the glass ones i had in my sump.

one day the heater kicked on big blue flash of light in the sump everyone went to look and had 2 pieces of glass heater.

just glad it was in the sump but you will love the 90 great way to start off a tank