creating a fake reef tank


I have a 30 gallon fish tank with fresh water that was thoroughly nuked with bleach and then water changed a couple of days later . It has fake corals to make it look like a reef tank. There is no life, no living things in the tank. No skimmer and minimal circulation but it does have floss filtration. I want to prevent any algae from growing so the fake corals keep their color and the white sugar sand stays white.
How do i keep it this way? Add Bleach? Bromine? If so, how much and how often. Or, should i find some Chloramine and use that instead?
I don't want the fake corals to lose their color so this has to be done carefully.
Can anyone suggest a method?

Vinny Kreyling

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Low light to help with algae.
Try a spray of peroxide on a place you can sacrifice when it needs cleaning.
PITA to work on a tank like this,


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You will alway grow unwanted algae, the only way I can see keeping the fake coral clean is to periodically pull them out and bleach clean. That’s what we did before reef tanks with fish only tanks with dead coral. We had extra pieces always ready to be swapped out.,