Crocea fliches a lot?


Hi everyone,

I just got my first clam. It's a Crocea that seems healthy except that it will "flich" for no apparent reason and shrink it's mantel back, then open up again. Also, froom time to time, it will "snap it's shell closed and open up again - again for no apparent reason.

Is this normal? Please help. thanks!

I think it's pretty normal - they typically do things like this in response to lighting changes. You should be able to get them to do this by putting your hand right above them and blocking the light for a second...

On the note of lighting, croceas are known to be some of the most light demanding animals that we keep in our tanks... What sort of lights do you have on the system? Do you feed any type of plankton or other small foods?


I have 2 CSL PC 96 watt (actinic & 10,000k).

The clam is on the sandbed about 24" from light source. I was thinking of moving it higher up, what do you think?

I have Kent's phytoplankton, but haven't fed it yet, is this a good product? Thanks!

I would definitley put the clam as high up as possible if it is going to have any chance of survival. Kent really isn't the best phytoplankton product and something like DTs would be a much better alternative and not pollute your aquarium.