Current stocked list


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Want to know if current stock list is ok long term,
1x 2" yellow tang
1x 2" flame angel
1x 3" clown fish
2x1" lyretail anthis
1x 2"enginner goby
1x2" blue sided fairy wrasse
1x2" bangai cardinal fish
3x1/2" blue green chromis
1x1/2" yellow watchman goby
125 gallon with 40 gallon sump


1. Yellow Tang- Yes. Largest I’ve heard of was 7” but usually tend to stay 5-6”, maybe 5-5.5”. It seems most of the smaller Zebrasoma don’t get much larger than 7”.

2. Flame Angel- Yes.

3. Clownfish- Yes. Why isn’t it paired? Lol.

4. Lyretail Anthias- Yes. Males can get to 5” but females maybe top out at 3.5” or 4”.

5. Engineer Goby- I don’t know much about them but they aren’t swimmers once they grow up. So should be fine.

6. Fairy Wrasse- Yes.

7. Bangaii Cardinal- Yes.

8. Chromis- Yes.

9. YWG- Yes. Is it paired with a shrimp?

You have a great list.