Custom starfire 180 FS (3 sides starfire)


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60" X 24" deep" 28" tall
front panel / sides/ and euro brace all 1/2" starfire

Dual large external overflows w/ 4 - 2" drains

Drilled for closed loop (6- 1.5" holes in back of tank)

back of tank is 1.5" thick laminated , black background with external overflows.

The stand is a custom Cherry wood and Wenge wood stand and canopy. The stand has a removable facade for easy undertank maintenance, etc. The canopy inside top is 14 3/4" off the top of the tank and has holes drilled for ventilation fans. The canopy also has a short 2" top lip for hiding power cords, etc (but honestly too short to completely hide a larger ballast, like a PFO).

Tank is in "like new" SUPERB condition. NO scratches on front or side panels. This was set up as a serious SPS tank with the goodies to provide tons of flow(big drains and CL holes) The tank is VERY heavy!

This is Gregs old tank that we bought last year and never set up. We decided to go in-wall with a larger tank and need to sell this one to help finance the in-wall tank :). We felt that it would be a waste of the extras and starfire side panes if we put this existing tank in wall (plus we wanted different dimensions for the in-wall tank as well).


We are offerring it here for BAR at $2,000 obo for the tank and stand/canopy. We will be posting it on craigslist at a higher asking price.


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times are tight Karl, so we will see :). I also just finished posting it on craigslist for $2500 obo, we'll see if we get any "nibbles" from there also.

How is your new tank holding up for you ? Your Sohal Tang doing well ? I haven't been able to follow too many MARs forum threads, so I am very behind on how it is doing, and how you are doing as well :)


Anyone that knows the price of Starphire will see the value in it.

The tank's doing fine so far, aside from the acoel infestation. I'm too chicken to use Flatworm Exit:rolleye1:

I love the Sohal! I usually feed the tank with a measuring cup, that he sometimes just dives right into.

You can check out the progress here:


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I left a message with Greg to get that answer for you tacocat, as soon as he responds I will let you know.

But if I know Greg, it was a reputable builder with a proven track record. Greg is a perfectionist and I doubt that he would ever have settled for anything less than he provides to his customers.

Either way, as soon as he passes that info on to me I will post it here. Thanks :)


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This is a very nice tank. Can I ask what is included in the price??? Tank, stand, canopy, lights, sump, skimmer, etc.??? I have a 72gal bow that I am looking to upgrade.

Thank you for your time.....



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ok, 2 Pauls now.. so time to revert to RC handles...

PM replied to (to clarify which Paul I was directing that previous reply to)

That covers the tank, stand and canopy only. The tank alone was over $2k (I think greg said around $2200 or so) a little over a year and a half ago now (and it is not like material prices have gone down any :(). The stand was/is a custom stand built by Greg (he owns a professional wood working/cabinetry shop and his work and reputation are well known in the area, just ask around :)). He stated that the stand and canopy would have been around $2500 if he had been commissioned to build it for someone else (I think that was the price that he quoted me, but I could be off by a couple of dollars, most likely leaning on the light side of the figure though :)). As Karl (Unarce) noted, it is not a cheap tank (value wise).

HTH :)


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I had some requests for more detailed pictures, to better help describe the tnak. Here they are (or my best attempt at them anyways :)).

This is the canopy, with the door opened (as you can see, quality cabinetry hinges were used)


Here is the best shot I could get of the 6" external overflows :




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Now here are some pictures of the stand. While taking these we realized that the couch that we had backed up against the stand had rubbed a small part of the stand damaging the finish. You can see it on the top of the door openings.


We have one of two options at this point. We pay a professional to refinish the front piece (which I really can't see costing more than $100 at the top end, since there is so little to refinish, even taking into account refinishing the entire facade) and keep the current asking price. The second option would be to cut $250 from the asking price and let the new owner take care of it as they saw fit. I have left a message with the shop/person that built the stand originally to find the finish/stain used, so that it can be matched.

The second option is easier than one might think because as mentioned earlier, it is a facade, a skin, over the stand. So the tank could still be set up while the facade's finish was being repaired.

We pulled the facade forward a little to take this picture.


Once we discovered this we wanted to be completely up front with everyone and anyone that was interested in the tank. As you can see from the pictures, the damage to the finish it minimal, but it does exist.


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Something was pointed out to me that honestly had not occurred to me before as being an issue. This stand has a center divider in it. I do not know if it was added for structural reasons or for something else. I know that the previous owner used a remote sump, just as we had planned to (which was why it never occurred to me to mention it before). This presents a problem when it comes to placing a sump under the stand. Since the skin is separate from the stand I am pretty sure that the base stand could be easily re-engineered without concern for it no longer matching the canopy. But I am no cabinet maker, so it is only speculation on my part.

Either way I wanted to be upfront about it here, and thanks to Bill for pointing it out to me :)