Cutting Down Nutrients... (Long Thread)


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So I've had a couple threads posted, basically.... Tanks still very premature, and I went a little quick on stocking,,, and am a little full at the moment... 90g display, about 60 of filtration putting me around 150g of total volume... Basically all was good until the past few weeks, and for the tank only being 2 months old, its only going to get worse unless I act,, sand is turning brown getting algae build up on glass etc etc, flatworms are out and multiplying like crazy... Tank looked awesome 3 weeks ago, and now this. =/

Anywhere I'm using RO water for everything water changing 10 gallons a week sometimes every 2 weeks... top off is probably a gallon or 2 a day... Running halides radiums, in lumenbright 3s running a fuge with chaeto and a sandbed with some rubble, and thats lit 24/7 fuge is looking good, good chaeto growth, and all sorts of other algae is growing...

Also, have a TLF Reactor running full with carbon, no phosban wondering if I should run one. Skimmer is a AquaMedic Turboflotor1000 with the oceanrunner 2500 pump, which I feel could be upgraded but it is skimming good in my opinion but apparently not good enough..

Snails and Hermits, I have maybe 6-7 blue legs, 4 red legs, (all small) and 2 big hermits Maybe 10 snails turbos, and 1 peppermint shrimp..

-Yellow Tang 4 1/2 "
-GoldRim Tang 4 1/2 "
-2 Green Chromis 1-2"
-Snowflake 1 1/2'
-Sixline Wrasse
-Cleaner Wrasse
-2 Clown Gobys
-GSM Clown

Think thats it,,, like I said pretty stocked. =/ :D But it doesn't look that bad at all...

Wondering how I can get all this back to normal ! Thanks


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Wiyh a tank that is 2 months old it will probably go downhill pretty fast from where it is at now no matter what you do . In order to minimize the degradation I would raise the water change amount to 30 gals a week at least and definately add a phosphate reactor. Reduce feedings your fish can live on a lot less than you might think. The one thing that would help the most is to remove the snowflake eel (huge bio-load) more than all your other fish combined ! Best of luck ! You can get through this , it's just going to be a pain and probably not to nice to look at. But it will make for a great lesson , one you won't soon forget!


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It really does seem like a lot of fish for that young of a tank. Mandarin (goby I assume) needs a pretty well established system unless you have a way that allows him to get food, AND he's eating it.

Not sure what your light cycle is like, but definitely increase the amount of your water changes. IF your system has 150g like you said, 10 gallons isn't even 10%.

Good luck


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i love the snowflake :D hes sweet.... lol, but is lame during the day sits under my fing rocks all day long, =/ but yea,,, bigger skimmer I hear ya, phosphate reactor i hear ya,,,, 30g water change w000t thats a lot. =/