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As most know that cuttlefish are extremely hard to find in the US. Ive only found these rarely in. first time ive seen them in.

After talking to my local pet store they told me that they only come in if there ordered. I know the one manager kinda well and he said he can order them but usually one out of 10 live. They used to order stuff for people but not anymore but he told me he can try to get me some. I said let me think it over. Since there so hard to get i would like to sell them for people who are really looking for some. So heres how it will work if your looking for some.

1. Ill take the order into consideration and try to obtain one for you. It will not be shipped right away but stay in my tank for a few days to avoid as much shipping stress as possible.
2. After he is almost ready to leave we will discuss payment options. Now I got mine for $20 but since im ordering them they may cost more depends. But if i got mine for $20 and they order say 5 and only two where alive in there tanks then that means they paid less than $20 for all five. They always make a profit unless all die. But what the guy told me is that where they get there fish the people can speak alittle bit of english so im quessing they get there stuff cheap. Anyways ill will take 50% of what i paid and add it to what ive paid and that will be your total. I know that seem unfair but remember im keeping it for a few days feeding it and taking the loss of it dieing and im out $20 or more. You will pay shipping.
3. Plz follow this 3rd part. Your tank should be a long tank. More space the better. They grow fast and need room to swim. The species may be nocturnal and ill know when i get him. Mine sleeps all day and when the lights go out you can see he is up and about waiting for food. Once its dropped in say good bye to everything. Your tank must be aged 3 months or more. Plz follow that if you dont you run a high risk at them dieing. This last part is the biggest concern. If your tank has ever had copper treatment to cure a fish disease you can not i repeat can not have him in there. Once the copper is in the water its there for good even if the tank set empty for years its still maybe there so plz do not put him in that tank.
4. I cannot guarantee live arrive since im not a business and making tons of money, but what i can generate is that it will be package correctly. I also can guarantee age either. Cuttlefish are short live. Ive heard 6 months to a year in captivity.

So if you want a cuttlefish and you have the tank and the money post a reply about getting one and ill due my best. Also im up for trades. I can always use more cb seahorses(only if eating frozen mysis). If you have any questions post a reply. And thanks i hope i can help people in need of cuttlefish.
Thanks veg but consider this...ââ"šÂ¬Ã‚¦..Unfortunately the only species being imported into the county on a regular basis is Sepia.bandensis other wise known as the stumpy spined cuttlefish.
This cephalopod is a pygmy cuttlefish that comes from the Philippines and surrounding areas. It is a nocturnal species that will only feed on live food most of the time. They are very easily stressed and high percentages are collected in the wild with the use of cyanide. With the use of cyanide and the stress of shipping nine out of ten die.
To me, it is a crime to take so many from the wild and have them die just to get one to live. If you read the back posts there have been quite a few people who have attempted this species with out much luck including myself. I had obtained 4 of these animals with the hopes of breeding them to provide captive breed specimens to those interested in cuttlefish and to stop the mass deaths of those that are being imported. Mine lived for 3 days before they started dropping like flies in a well set up and aged tank that has kept some very rare species of cephalopods with great success.
One alternative to getting healthy cuttlefish is to import Sepia. officinalis the European cuttlefish . The down side is to make it worth while you will need to order eggs and hatch them out at a quantity 50 -100 eggs. Then the rearing of the hatchlings begins and adequate live food sources must be provided to rear them to a sellable size for the first 3 months. The gathering of enough live nutritious food is a project in itself. If one is dedicated enough, it can be accomplished. We then must find homes for all these rapidly growing cuttlefish. I have been moderating and keeping cephalopods for years and have yet to come across more than a handful of people that has the proper size tank and set up to keep these cold water cephs. The whole project needs lots of planning and prior arrangements to guarantee homes for these animals. This is why you very seldom hear of people keeping cuttlefish in the USA to date.
Remember good things come to those who wait, and some where down the road after I finish with my captive breed O.bimaculoides project I will be looking to fill my 180 cuttlefish tank!
yes that is the species and i have successfully keep one and still keeping him alive and healthy. ive learned they need no lighting just room light and i feed him ghost shrimp every night. he has a fish or two. ive never had any luck with the pygmy octopus which i lost one recently. im done for now on the pygmy octopus and going to switch to a bimac soon. alittle ago i enheirted a good some of money and i used it wastefully. I wish i was into fish then i would of considered a project like cb cuttlefish. I think its who have cb bimacs dont they?
Hi Veg

sorry you lost that pygmy. but I'm glad that the cuttle is still doing well.
As you have now had the cuttlefish for a week, hopefully that means you wont get any problems with it, but cyanide catching can take a few weeks.... fingers crosssed!

Yes, its ffexpress that sell bimacs

Hey Chris,

My nursery might be a great place to think about experimenting with captive breeding or egg hatching of these cuttlefish.

I might be up for a new challange. My nursery tanks are 26 feet long by 8 feet wide. we grow lots of live zooplankton and phytoplankton all the time here for feeding our herd. I have a 100 gallon per minute water flow and a 500 gallon refuge. we have zero ammonia and zero nitrates. We also use real seawater in our tanks. The seawater might be an important ingredient in successful hatching or rearing of these creatures. I have been a professional Aqua- Farmer for ten years now. i have one of the newest, most modern self contained nursery around. If i was given some instruction and seed or larvae, i could possibly CB these creatures in my nursery.
Hey george
You could have a perfect set up if ypu can keep your temp to about 72F. Egg season is comming up and the "seed" eggs will cost about 500.00 to get shipped for between 50-100 eggs. You would have to get the permits now so you will have it as soon as the eggs are harvested.
WOW, 5 to 10 bucks an egg! thats the most expensive cavier i have ever heard of. How much are the permits?
the building is set up so we can manipulate water and climate to do whatever we want it to do. i have a 8kw digitally controlled titanium heaters for water temp. in summer, we have coolers.
this winter we had outside temps of 20 degrees and we were able to keep all 9000 gallons heated to 78 degrees all the time with 1 degree differential.
the power bill is a nightmare in the winter with all that heating going on and two, one horse pumps going 24/7.
the summer is easier because the heaters hardly run. we basically use the coolers to keep inside of building and water at the desired temp.


If you get your cuttlefish rearing farm up and going count me in for an order. I have had 2 sepa.O in the past and they are fascinating. Easily tamed, active, just a great ceph. I have been trying to get some more for my dedicated 150 gallon ceph tank. Just no luck so far.
i will consider growing these creatures in the future. my nursery would provide optimum conditions for hatching and growing.