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just wondering who uses the frozen kind? I been using it for about 2 weeks now continuously daily and my corals are growing like crazy plus the color on the sps is phenomenal. Big difference.. I would recommend to those who don't use it, give it a try, it really seems to have enhanced the look and growth of the corals.
I've been feeding the frozen for over a year. I didn't care for the freeze dried. It would all float. Even when I soaked if for 20 minutes and mixed it up, it would just float to the surface when I fed it.
I've been feeding the frozen kind but i've never actually seen the sps polyps ever catch it. The fish go crazy over it but not much else. I'm considering feeding my sps something other.
freeze dried IMO is no good like RandyO said it just floats.. i have been using the frozen bar for awhile now, corals love it , fish and my anemones do too..i see great response from the tank in about 20 to 30 seconds of it in the water..the frozen bar lasts forever too..
I use frozen cyclopeeze regularly.
Everything in my aquarium that can swallow it eats it.
Cyclopeeze causes some REALLY nasty smelling skimmate!
I feed it in the evenings as well as daytime . I mix it with Zoplan and Phytoplan(2 little fishies) as well as ground algae flakes ,mix it with water from the tank and then add it to the tank via my turkey baster via my tunze. Sometimes I ll mash up a formula2 or formula 1 or pro green with also. Water looks pretty nasty when I add it but the fish and coral seem to enjoy it..
Gary, your right it does make the skimmate smell pretty bad
I use the freeze dried in a feeding rectangle and it works great. The yellow tang is too agressive snatching it up and that makes it all float.

Agree with growth ... and particularly agree with smelly skim mate *brr*