D&D Terminator II and Typhoon


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I was able to find one review of these skimmers, but thats it.
what's everyones opinion on these skimmers? They are more reasonable priced compared to othe top shelfs.

Grey Reefer

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I have the D&D Typhoon and it is a good skimmer for the money. I would try to find one off ebay or in the for sale section. I got mine for $35. It's better than a AquaC remora. It is noisy and the pump it comes with is a little bulky, but more powerful than the AquaC. I wouldn't mount it on anything smaller than a 29 gallon. You are also going to have to make a collection cup for it or attach tubing to a collection cup. The only reason I don't have it on my current tank it because it seemed too big and noisy, but it pulled out alot more crap than the AquaC in a much shorter amount of time.


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I had one and didn't think a ton of it at first. After i ran it modded it was a pretty nice little skimmer, but i made a generic collection cup for it and faced that inside the tank so if it did overflow it would go back into the tank instead of the floor. There's not many skimmers out there that will skim better in the price range. And yea, its better than a remora, but what isn't! lol