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Are domino damsels or 4 stripe damsels could community fish? I know that many are very aggressive, especially when they are older. These ones seemed more peaceful. Could they fit in a 125 with other fish about 4-5 inches each?


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Dont do it !!!!!
mine just killed my clown three days ago. I had to tear half my tank down to catch him as well. Bad Idea, stay away from Damsels


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Damn, are there any damsels that can be kept safely? They have such great color and are so cheap, but every species seems to be agressive.


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The only ones that can be kept that I have seen is the Blue Green Cromis'. But even they have issues of killing eachother in time, mine have always been more timid to the other fish and are often hanging out with my two clowns.

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No damsel is a good community fish. There's a reason that "dam" is in their name LOL. Once you put them in your tank that's what you'll be screaming.


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I have a orange tailed blue damsel in my reef with 2 Clarkii's with no problems. I also had a Flame Hawk in with them but he jumped. I think you have to have other semi aggressive fish that can hold there own.


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Good community fish? Most likely no. But my Domino is in a FOWLR w/ semi-aggressive fish. So, he could hold his own vs. a BT Trigger of the same size.


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Yellow tail damsels typically have a better disposition. chromis are obviously the best choice.

Bad example:
Putting a yt damsel in a confined space for a few months then wondering why it terrorizes any new fish added.

Good example:
Adding it LAST to a large community tank of fish. In my case it exists and never given the firefish one threatening look ever. It does however hide when my Kole tang chases it...:lol:


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I have had my talbots (( 4 of them )) in my 75 for about 6 months now. Overall they are pretty mellow. They will go after new fish a bit, but no more so then any other fish would, and they only lasts about a day.



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We have always had yellow tailed damsels in our 125 and never had any issues. May chase each other a bit but nothing too much. We have lots of live rock though so there is plenty of hiding places if needed. Love the bright color of them.


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My 3-stripe is also not too bad. He'll chase the occasional fish (smaller than him), but is extremely submissive to my Clarki clown. He has never actually fought or hurt anything.


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Ditto on blue green chromis. Great little fish. You need three or four because they like to chase each other occaionally. Very active, hardy and will eat anythng. Like to inhabit all levels of the water column, esp. the top third where other fish tend not to spend any time so they even out the activity in the tank. One of my favorite fish!


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I always keep Domino damsels in my tank and haven't had trouble with them. I like them because they're constantly on the go. They only ever seem to get into disputes with each other and it's usually over in a matter of seconds. One chases the other into a hiding hole in a rock and that's the end of it.


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I have a couple 3 stripe and at first they would pick at my birdsnest but since i have redone my rockwork I haven't had any problems. They don't really bother any of my other fish. I have some chromis that are smaller than they are and they don't bother them at all. It is a pretty big tank and that helps. If it was smaller I probably would have issues I guess.